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spark_daily's Journal

A Sparky Drabble a Day
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
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- All members can post drabbles.

- The main aim of this community is to have one drabble posted everyday. If by the end of the day, there is not a drabble posted, I (speckleberry) will take it upon myself so that we have sparky, every single day.

- All drabbles must be Sparky.

- Other pairings/characters/POVs are welcome. (As long as it's part of a sparky story.)

- Posting prompts for other writers, if you are not a writer yourself is allowed and encouraged.

Special Provision - Also allowed in this community are illustrations inspired by works of fiction in the community. (This does not mean Icons, Wallpapers, Headers. It means drawings inspired by the drabbles and therefore related to the community's purpose.)

Tags will also be created for artists. eg: 'drabble-related artwork' and 'artist: username'

Challenge #1 - (Angst)Closed - Winners
Challenge #2 - (Humor)Closed - Winners
Challenge #3 - (Adventure)Closed - Winners
Challenge #4 - (Romance)Closed Winners

Posting Guidelines
Definition of a "Drabble"
Commenting Rules: Please read before commenting.

Feel free to friend and/or join this community.
Your happy little moderator is : speckleberry (Co-mod - pending)

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